Stay, Play & Save at The Plantation

Introducing STAY, PLAY & SAVE from the Plantation Golf Courses:

As summer approaches, we are excited to introduce a new program at PALGC.  The program involves both individual goals and community goals for resident non-members but is also open to non-residents.  Here’s how it works.  For individuals, we will track how many rounds you play between June 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024.  If you play 10 or more rounds in the month of June, your price per round for the month of July will go down ($2 per round for an 18 hole round and $1 per round for a 9 hole round). If, after July, you have played 15 rounds (from June 1 through July 31) or more your price per round will go down an additional $2 per round for an 18 hole round ($1 per 9 hole round) for August.  Similarly, if you have played 20 rounds or more from June 1 through August 31, your price per round for September will go down an additional $2 per 18 hole round (and $1 per 9 hole round).  Note that rounds are always cumulative so even if you didn’t meet the June goal of 10 rounds, if you meet the July goal of 15 rounds you get the full $4 discount for August rounds ($2 for 9 holes).

Get the idea?  The more you play at the Plantation Golf Courses, the more you save. Now, here’s the community aspect.  If resident non-members cumulatively play 700 or more rounds during the month of June, ALL PLANTATION RESIDENTS (non-members) will get $1 off per round in July.  In addition, Individuals who have met their goals will receive another $0.50 off each round they play in July whether 18 hole or 9 hole.  The community goal for July and August will be 600 rounds per month.

Now, as you might guess, there will be some bookkeeping involved in this program.  Don’t worry, we’ll do all that for you.  It will take at least a few days after the end of each month to tally up the results.  During this time (no more than 10 days) you will be charged the unadjusted rates.  When the calculations are completed, your account will be credited for whatever discounts you have earned under this program.

This summer golf season will be critical for your courses.  Every round you play here, even if you don’t meet any of the individual goals described above, will help meet the community goals. Support us, enjoy some great golf right out your back door and save at the same time.